Slow living - learn a new skill

The roadside ikebana The holiday season can be really busy with festivities and celebrations. But a few days off can be the perfect opportunity to reserve some time for yourself. Learning to make ...
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3 Reasons to consider the Pre-loved programme

Do you know the feeling to not be able to say goodbye to garments you don’t wear but still love? What to do with them to prevent you from clogging up your closet with clothes you don’t wear any lo...
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Care guide - The travel jersey edition

Discover the comfort and ease of our travel jersey designs. Easy to pack with you on a trip, comfortable to wear and to wash effortlessly. A quick guide on how to take care of your travel jersey (h...
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A Guide to Strijp-S

Our favourite places in the area and beyond. Explore Strijp with us and get inspired by the architecture and surroundings of this industrial domain in the city of Eindhoven.
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Care guide

How do you take care of the most beautiful pieces of your wardrobe? A guide on how to wash, dry, iron, steam and store all your favourite garments. 
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