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studio .ruig garments are key components of a classic wardrobe. We focus to make designs to last beyond the shift of seasons, to match our vision of sustainability and timeless design. We are the essentials of your wardrobe.

At studio .ruig in Eindhoven I bought a combination consisting of a jacket, pants and shirt. I wear the suit very often. Also because you can wear it both neatly and casually. And: the fabric does not wrinkle. Not even in a suitcase...


About us

Dutch brand studio .ruig has been a pioneer since its inception in 2009.
Rather than let fleeting fashion trends dictate them, designers Klaartje Glashorster and Sophie Soons created a universe of timeless style.
In doing so, studio .ruig has become a beacon of peace and tranquility in today’s hectic fashion world.

Motivated by their intention to create an enduring and sustainable brand, studio .ruig has evolved past the concept of seasonal
collections. Their philosophy is to build upon what is good, perfect that and gradually fade away the items that have outgrown their
relevance. Instead of stimulating overconsumption or generating confusion in consumers who are constantly forced to reinvent
themselves, studio .ruig stays true to its minimalistic, feminine style. So rather than starting from scratch every season, new items
are added on a continuous basis, growing a collection of timeless pieces that can be endlessly combined.

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