Mini manifesto – what we are all about

Mini manifesto – what we are all about

Get to know us quickly by understanding our central values and way of design.

A focus on material and texture rather than dessin.
We rarely use patterns and dessins in our designs, when we choose one, we want to make sure it remains relevant for a long time.⁠

Great garments fit comfortably
We believe comfort is key when it comes to elegance. When you are feeling great wearing your garments you will look great too.

Timeless design emerges from material
When it comes to our design process, we have a clear starting point which is the fabric. How to wash it, how to take care of it and how does it look after wearing it year in, year out. When this ingredient feels good, the design process can begin.

Quality over quantity
We don’t move along with fashions seasonal collections, changing twice, trice, sometimes fifty-two times a year. We think timeless design can fix and save our garderobes and might eventually save ourselves from over-consuming.

Remain simple, surprise with detail
Designs work when you can wear them daily and can easily combine them with garments you already own. We make your garment stand out with the most sophisticated details that won’t go unnoticed to the attentive eye.

Knowledge is power
Taking good care for your clothes can extend the lifespan of your garments. Easier said than done, many of us just don’t know how to take care of all the different kind of fabrics. We are here to help you with all of your laundry related questions.

The future is a circle
We work towards circularity. With our pre-loved programme, taking in your worn and loved studio .ruig garments, we made a first approach to restore the value of clothing together. Creating an online archive of pre-loved pieces and putting our garments to the test. We invite you to consume more conscious, to use your garments fully and invest in your wardrobe to enjoy all your garments.

The long run
We want you and your wallet to be smart. Investing in your garderobe is a great idea. Choosing solely for the crème the la crème so you will wear something you absolutely love every day. We make sure those favorite pieces are made with great quality so you can enjoy them for years and years to come. We don’t want any studio .ruig garment to hang purposeless in your wardrobe. We believe studio .ruig pieces are made to last. Timeless design of good quality.

Better together
Working together and trusting a skilled team brings the best ideas and results. We are very happy to have such talented people around us to work with. It remains fascinating and inspiring to see someone do the work they love and know best. 

Keeping you in mind
Our studio and shop are connected which that is our biggest perk. Collecting feedback directly from you, in our store, and transferring in to the (digital)paper in the studio is our secret weapon.

Grow slow
No need to haste. We move at a slower pace, don’t let ourselves be distracted by trends and seasonal collections but rather build a solid foundation for many garderobes. Time is on our side.

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