Care guide - The travel jersey edition

Care guide - The travel jersey edition

Discover the comfort and ease of our travel jersey designs. Easy to pack with you on a trip, comfortable to wear and to wash effortlessly. A quick guide on how to take care of your travel jersey (heavy, medium and light jersey).

Polyamide garments can be washed on 40ºC on a normal washing cycle. You can use washing detergents without any bleaching agents.
Light‑colored jerseys are best washed alone and on a short cycle. This fabric attracts the fibers of other materials such as towels and sweaters, making the fabric grayer. You can prevent this by washing the garment alone.

Do not tumble dry or bleach this material.
Hang polyamide garments to dry.
They dry really quickly so you can enjoy wearing them on a daily basis.

(Not) Ironing
It is not necessary to iron this garment as the fabric dries quickly and is almost wrinkle free.
If you do want to iron; iron only on a very low temperature, inside out, with a piece of cloth in between the garment and the iron. 

It is a fabric that is easy to take care of and perfect for travelling as you can fold it to a very thin package that is light in weight.

What is travel jersey?
• Travel jerseys are our heavy jersey, medium jersey and light jersey fabrics.
• They consist of polyamide and elastane.
• Polyamide is a comfortable, stretching and breathable fabric for everyday use.
• Polyamide is a polymer, a synthetic fiber that is very durable in terms of use. In contrast to what is often thought, polyamide has many positive characteristics; it is wear resistance, absorbs moisture very easily, is very breathable, easy to take care of and almost wrinkle free.
• Because of these benefits it is perfect for travelling as you can fold it to a very thin package that is light in weight.
• Polyamide fibers are often used in fabrics to give more elasticity and to help the garment stay in shape.
• We choose to use this fabric in our collection for our timeless pieces for its strength and durability use after use. In our view this is a durable fabric as long as this fabric is used to design well thought garments for your wardrobe to use for years and years.

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