3 Reasons to consider the Pre-loved programme

3 Reasons to consider the Pre-loved programme

Do you know the feeling to not be able to say goodbye to garments you don’t wear but still love? What to do with them to prevent you from clogging up your closet with clothes you don’t wear any longer?

Pre-loved pieces from studio .ruig ar the garments you no longer wear or no longer fit. We are the place to bring these loved garments and give them another chance. We ensure that these items will find a new and happy wearer to last even longer.

Our store and pre-loved webshop function as a gathering place for your pre-loved pieces.

With this circular system we aim to let pre-loved garments 
from early adapters flow to new wearers in an easy approachable way.
In this manner new wearers are able to experience the quality 
and comfort of studio .ruig and feel more confidence when 
investing in their garderobe in the future.

Together with our customer we strive to make slow fashion 
known and accessible to a wider audience.

Why you should consider the pre-loved programme?
Here are 3 reasons why you would:

1. Contribute to a slow fashion system.

Our clothes are seasonless, made in Europe and designed here in the studio and brand store. They are made of high-quality materials with timeless designs. That is why you can wear the pieces for 5 to 10 years. It would be a shame to throw them out after just a few years. With the pre-loved pieces, you get the most out of the garments and you get a credit in your account for bringing something in, so you can invest in a new piece. You give the garments a second life and we avoid buying new ones every season.

2. Accessible for everyone
Sustainable, high-quality clothing is an investment, but will eventually pay itself back. By selling your pieces second-hand, we can pass them on to new users in an accessible way. This way, new users can get to know the comfort and quality of our pieces and have more confidence to invest in their wardrobe in the future.

3. Don't leave them hanging
Instead of leaving your clothes hanging in your closet, it is better to sell them through the pre-loved pieces system. There are advantages for you to this as well. You make use of the network of studio .ruig so that the garment is probably sold much faster than as selling it yourself. We have the know-how about the materials and designs to make a fitting description. In short, you have little work and save you time, because we do it for you. As a fashion label, we like to take this responsibility, because it shows we stand behind our designs. 

What are my advantages by selling through the pre-loved program?

  • You make use of our network and channels, online and offline to sell your piece. 
  • A broad audience of studio .ruig enthousiasts.
  • Selling your garments carefree: we make product images, descriptions, communicate with the customers and send the garment to the buyer.
  • Save up your credit to invest in a new studio .ruig garment.


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