A Guide to Strijp-S

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Our favourite places in the area and beyond. Explore Strijp with us and get inspired by the architecture and surroundings of this industrial domain in the city of Eindhoven.

studio .ruig
Our store and studio, where you can find our complete collection and many more beloved brands. Start at our shop and view our custom-made map to dot out your desired route.

Tea Stories
Fresh and in-house made ingredients, Tea Stories makes the best teas around our block. Try out your first bubble tea or go for a classic ceremonial matcha. Don’t forget to explore their lunch menu and mochi desserts.

Great coffee and accompanying bakes to start your day or enjoy your afternoon. Take your break just around our corner at Coffeelab.

Het Ketelhuis
Ketelhuis is always a good idea to find yourself at some point during your day in Eindhoven. Start your day with coffee in the morning sun with a view over ‘Ketelhuisplein’ and trade your coffee for an expresso-martini somewhere during the afternoon. Remain seated for a wide range of local craftbeers, wines and the seasonal-every-changing-menu to come to the conclusion that every visit to ‘Het Ketelhuis’ will be a new and exciting experience.

Vintage Vêtements
Yes, that is French but this is the absolute best place to find Italian vintage and retro styles around Strijp. Ilya’s beautiful shop has everything you’re looking for when it comes to vintage. “I handpick all our clothes because that is the most fun part of my job! I select on fabrics and I love colours and weird stuff!”

Studios and exposistions combined with food, music and drinks. Explore this art space just around the corner from Strijp. The terras has great sun in the afternoon and the bright space with lots of windows welcomes you to sit inside as well.

Het Koffiehuisje
Cozy espressobar on the cornor of the street, lunch, brunch and drinks are here for you to take away of to enjoy on their terras.

MU Hybrid Art House
MU is all about exploring art in all its colours. Not particulary about what art is but what it could be. Get inspired and explore the unknown.

The Pastry Club
It’s all about the sweets! A hidden treasure housed in the boiler-room of the former Philips factory. Try out the bonbons or take some sourdough bread home.

Urban sports, music and events, this renovated skate hall was saved from demolition because of its cultural value. Did you know the building 'haasje over' was designed to save and preserve Area51? We are very proud that this icon is fully renovated and is open to visit again. You will find all forms of urban culture here. Where we first mainly represented, we now also support urban culture such as spoken word, music and dance.

Brouwerij Het Veem
What makes Brouwerij het Veem really unique is the brewery located in the tasting room. You are enjoying your beer while the brewing process in in full swing! Enjoy their own beers and a wide selection of special beers from all around Brabant, The Netherlands and even beers from very far away.

Arena Kappers Strijp-S
Ready to complete your look? Visit Arena Kappers for the ultimate finishing touch: “Our vision is clear. A haircut needs to fit your personal style. Every person is unique, and so is our advice. Creating different looks that fit an individual’s unique features, but without shocking effects. That is our goal. A hairstyle needs to be cut in such a way so that it can be easily recreated every day, without much effort and with few products. It needs to be practical. For both man and woman.”

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