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Delicate earrings made of a flexible material. They are easily twistable to open/close. They have two little balls as a refinement. 

How it works: Simply twist the earrings to open, put them in your ear like a normal earring and twist them back to close. Our POLLEN TWIST Earrings are versatile in use: Wear them as earrings or as a nose piercing.

Size: 9mm

Gold - 24K gold plated 925 sterling silver

Designed in Berlin - Handmade in Italy


JUKSEREI Jewelry is a Berlin based label with roots in Denmark.
The label was established in 2012 by the Danish fashion designer
Chanette Anderson, who worked for many years in the fashion industry.

Timeless design

Encouraged by Chanette, JUKSEREI takes responsibility to make pieces that are timeless. 
This means that Jukserei does not follow quick fashion trends or release new jewelry on fixed times a year, but create jewelry that is multi seasonal, and comes to life out of personal passion and intuition.

Within the Slow Fashion movement, Chanette and the design team strive to make timeless jewelry of high quality that can be enjoyed by everyone and maybe even take on a sentimental value. This approach results in delicate, petite and personal creations, enhancing a woman’s natural beauty and femininity. For every occasion, women of all ages can find a suitable piece in Jukserei's jewelry collection.



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