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Sverm birds large

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Flying wall birds

When I designed these swallows and mounted the samples on the wall to test out the effect, I saw it immediately: on a wall, these birds bring space, height, and lightness to your interior!

I have tried the birds on everything. Just loose on a bare wall, check: done, nothing else needed! The swallows also give a cheerful, flowing touch to a poster wall full of angular frames. And they definitely made a statement on my dark grey-blue workroom wall!


Basic grey goes with everything

With their basic light-grey colour, this little flock will feel right at home in sweet pastel interiors or minimalist high-ceilinged rooms with earth tones, and they're the perfect fit for a nursery, for example.


More sets - a larger swarm

It's obvious from the photos - I went wild with multiple different sets of three birds! Want a lovely flock of swallows on your wall, too? Then combine this SVERM small set with the SVERM large. You'll have six birds in multiple sizes. The largest has a wingspan of 23.5 cm and the smallest bird measures just 9 cm.


Ready-made wall deco

The birds, made of sturdy cardboard, are pre-punched. You just take them out of their packaging and with the included adhesive putty buddies it is easy to attach them to the wall. You can remove them just as easily, by the way! 


Birds in the letterbox

A set of SVERM small is A5 size, making it the perfect present, as it fits in an envelope through the letterbox! Child flown the nest? Send this little flock to follow after. Or send them to that avid birder in your family. You won't need binoculars to spot these swallows. 



  • A4 set of 3 birds made of hard 2 mm cardboard.
  • The set includes a small pack of Pritt brand adhesive putty buddies.
  • A5 set, wingspan birds: largest bird 16.5 cm, medium 12 cm, small 9 cm

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