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Field flowers large white

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Ode to form

FIELD white, a set of pure white flowers. An ode to form!

These white paper flowers are the perfect fit for a tranquil space with light earth tones and natural materials. And why not arrange them in a vase against a coloured wall, then step back and admire the results! FIELD white also works well as a wreath. Your little DIY project will make a minimalist statement in your living room, or as a unique decoration for your wedding venue.


Wedding decoration

And while we are on the subject of weddings - fold a few flowers, add some real greenery and you have a unique bridal bouquet that will stand the test of time. The same flowers can be used in the corsages and incorporated into table settings for lunch or dinner. At the end of the day, give your guests a flower as a lasting memento of your special day.


Bouquet in your own colours

The great thing about this FIELD version is that the bouquet is completely blank. So you can give the flowers the colours you like best. Grab a paintbrush, crayons or pencils and give the flowers, while they are still in their paper, your favorite colour. Let the paper dry, then gently remove the flowers from their paper and fold them.


Easy crafting

This set is all you need to create a beautiful wreath or bouquet. No cutting or gluing necessary. Everything comes pre-cut and creased, and the flower stems - the wire - is already included. All you have to do is cut the wire to your desired length, thread it through the pre-perforated slots and assemble your bouquet or wreath.


Sustainable gift                                                                                                                                 Like FIELD large, FIELD white is both long lasting and sustainable – the flowers will never wilt and are printed with organic ink on FSC-certified paper.


FIELD white is also the perfect gift to send through the post. The flat A4 format fits easily into an envelope.

If you want to send the set directly to the lucky recipient, we can also beautifully gift wrap it for you.



  • Five A4 cards with a total of 12 pre-cut flowers.
  • Includes 6.00 m of floral wire.
  • The largest thistle has a folded diameter of 8 cm.
  • The largest reed plume is 10 cm long when folded.
  • The branch with round leaves is 28 cm long.
  • The large iris is 11 cm high and 7.5 cm wide.



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