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FIELD flowers small - mix (6 flowers)

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Brighten up your interior with an everlasting bouquet of paper flowers or a lovely small wreath?
All you need is the contents of this set.
No need to cut or glue anything: all the SIX flowers have been pre-cut and creased for you, and the flower stems – the threadwire – are included.
Cut the flower wire to the desired length, guide it through the perforated slits and put together your bouquet.
Also separate - as a single flower in a vase - the flowers are a subtle eye-catcher in your living room. This colour palette suits every interior.
FIELD is a doubly sustainable bouquet: it will never wilt and the flowers are cut from FSC certified paper.
Additionally, FIELD is the perfect gift to send someone.
The flat set can easily be sent in an envelope and will fit through every letterbox! Info 3 cards in A5 format (6 punched-out flowers), 4m of flower thread.
The biggest is thistle is 8cm in circumference when folded up.
The biggest reed panicle is 10cm long when folded up.

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